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The i-Lipo Clinic provides a specialist service dedicated to helping you lose inches and achieve the perfect body without the need for surgery, liposuction or the expense and time commitment that comes with gym membership and weight loss products.
Our expert inch loss consultants have years of experience and will guide you through all of the fat loss treatments available to you. Our free consultation service means we can talk you through the programme and provide you with an inch loss programme tailor made to your needs at no cost.

If you are worried about your body shape or just in need of a helping hand to achieve the figure you have dreamed of, our inch loss experts can help you to achieve amazing results without the need for surgery.

Inch Loss Treatment

All our procedures are pain free and incur zero downtime. Using our range of advanced technology we are able to breakdown your fat cells and leave you with the body you have been craving. Our procedures which include i-Lipo, and Cryogenic Lipolysis are all pain free and can be completed in as little as ten minutes on the chosen area.

At the i-Lipo Clinic we understand each case is different where inch loss is concerned and the affects it can have on an individual's confidence and quality of life. The i-Lipo Clinic offers the best programmes on the UK market today, with all our products and treatments being FDA approved. FREE consultations are available at all our branches.

Why not book an appointment at your nearest clinic today and discuss which inch loss programme is best for you?

i-Lipo - How it Works
Low-power laser beams smooth cellulite, reduce fat and perform treatments that resculpt the body.
i-Lipo uses photobiomodulation to stimulate the natural processes of the body that release the contents of adipose cells.

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