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i-Lipo Fat Reduction Results

Lipo on Thighs
Slimming Treatment on Thighs

It is typical that as we get older, a build-up of cellulite and fatty tissue can become a problem. i-Lipo can reduce this fat tissue and boost confidence when wearing shorts, skirts or beachwear. Targeting fat build-up on the thighs can certainly make you feel better about yourself!
Lipo on Bottom
Fat Reduction on Bottom

Cellulite and fatty tissue is another common problem around the buttocks. Our slimming clinic will often treat this area at the same time as the legs and thighs to achieve maximum fat loss. Again a welcome confidence booster. As your treatment progresses your smile becomes wider!
Lipo on back and hips
i-Lipo Treatment to the Back and Hips

The i-Lipo Clinic's weight loss treatments can target specific areas of fat, meaning that ongoing slimming treatments can be the most productive solution. Why not get things started with your thighs, gradually moving onto your legs and finishing with your lower back.
Lipo treatment

Fat Loss in the Stomach Area

Along with fat loss treatments to the thighs and buttocks, treating the stomach area for inch loss using Cryogenic Lipolysis is incredibly popular.
An extremely common goal for women following the birth of a child is to regain one's body shape and tone down their waistline. The stomach can be one of these key target areas for fat reduction. Cryogenic Lipolysis can help reduce banding and fat build-up that would otherwise be hard to shake off.
S-Lipo Treatment

Targeting weight loss throughout the Body

i-Lipo treatment is completely non-intrusive. Therefore fat loss can be tackled throughout the body without discomfort. Following this fat loss treatment, a sensible regime of exercise, water intake and a low calorie diet can contribute to keeping your rejuvenated body shape.