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Slimming Treatment Testimonials

Here are a few people out of the hundreds who have benefited from have i-Lipo at the The i-Lipo Clinic.
Slimming treatment Weight Loss Treatment
When I visited The i-Lipo Clinic for my weight loss treatment I was nervous but the staff made me feel very welcome. Once I started my first i-Lipo session I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. Now that I have completed my course of weight loss treatment, without having to endure surgery or pain, my confidence has increased dramatically and the fat loss results have been immediate.
Mark Sollen
Slimming treatment Losing Weight
Following a traumatic period in my life I honestly thought there was no hope and decided to make some changes. I went to The i-Lipo Clinic for a free consultation and was feeling incredibly nervous as I have always been uncomfortable about my weight. After speaking to a specialist consultant and seeing the fat loss machine in person I instantly started to feel more relaxed with the process. Knowing that many of the staff had used the slimming treatment themselves made the decision to use the The i-Lipo Clinic an easy decision to make and the resulting weight loss has been fantastic!
Jane Worton
Slimming treatment Slimming Clinic
Having spent a small fortune on gym membership I was conscious of the fact that I still hadn't managed to shift my 'love handles'. Having researched many different options, and having had a free consultation at The i-Lipo Clinic, I decided to go with the i-Lipo slimming treatment as it was well within my budget and totally painless. On completion of the course I immediately felt a great deal of joy at the weight loss I had achieved and knowing I had finally achieved the body I had been dreaming of.
Angela Harding
Slimming treatment Fat Loss
Having struggled with my weight for many years I decided something had to be done! After resigning myself to the fact I would need to undergo some form of surgery to achieve my inch loss goal I was delighted when I came across The i-Lipo Clinic and their i-Lipo treatment This form of slimming treatment was guaranteed to be pain free and could be completed in as little as 60 minutes so I decided to sign up immediately. Since having treatment I have felt delighted with my fat loss results and will definitely recommend it to my friends.
Janet Stretton
Slimming treatment Lose Weight Fast
For the best part of a year I have been working hard to achieve my fat loss target. After being unable to shift the final few pounds through exercise I decided to attend a free consolation with The i-Lipo Clinic. They talked me through how the different slimming treatments would work and how together we could achieve my fat loss target. I was very pleased with the knowledge of my consultant and they helped me choose a plan that would work for me. In the end I chose to go with the Cryogenic Lipolysis treatment (or fat freeze as I call it) and since finishing the course not just have I lost considerable inches around both my love handles and thighs but my family have noticed a big increase in my confidence as well. Thank you The i-Lipo Clinic!
Karen Jameson